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Data acquired by a C-arm Cone-Beam CT (Siemens Axiom Artis dFA).

Data was originally acquired for the work described in the paper cited below. Potentially use for: (a) ground truth for 2D/3D registration, (b) evaluation of itk IO filters [loading a single frame from a multi-frame DICOM file].

Each data unit (collection) in this community contains three corresponding elements:
  1. projection matrices file, ASCII format
  2. x-ray projections corresponding to the matrices, single cine loop
  3. volumetric reconstruction obtained using the projections and matrices

Before using the data please look at the MATLAB scripts. They show how to read and modify the projection images so that they correspond to the projection matrices. The original projection images were modified by the acquisition computer when saved to a CD.

If you use this data in your research, please cite its source as:
"Localizing spherical fiducials in C-arm based cone-beam CT", Z. Yaniv, Med. Phys., Vol. 36(11), pp. 4957-4966, 2009.

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