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4.1 Core Data Content (from --------------------- The core content of images and supporting transcriptions is the focus of the Digital Product. For each folio, a comprehensive set of registered images is provided of the palimpsest. Available transcriptions are provided to support use of the images. For this release, the core data includes: a. Image data consisting of large 8-bit image files, including requantized raw images, processed pseudo-color images, registered Heiberg images andregistered XRF images. All these files include embedded metadata and metadata files. b. A set of TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) conformant XML tagged Unicode transcriptions from all Archimede and Hyperides texts, including embedded metadata and associated metadata files. c. Spatially mapped transcriptions for each palimpsest folio of the Archimedes and Hyperides texts. For each folio in the palimpsest, the data set provides: * All eight-bit raw and processed registered TIFF images for the directory’s folio, including XRF images or images of prints of Heiberg’s 1906 photographs, when they exist, images of photographs of an unfoliated palimpsest leaf from Cambridge University, and an image a negative of folio 57v from the University of Chicago. * For all of the Archimedes and available Hyperides texts, an XML encoded transcription of the directory’s folio spatially mapped to all the registered images in the directory * An XML metadata file for each of the TIFF files in the directory [forthcoming] * An MD5 checksum file for each of the TIFF and XML content files All file names follow strict naming conventions to facilitate easy identification of file type and content. The core content set contains folio-by-folio versions of the Netz-Wilson transcriptions of the Archimedes texts, and of the Hyperides texts transcriptions and line-by-line text-to-image spatial mappings in integrated files. These files collect in one place transcription mapping data for all images of a single undertext folio. In addition to its images and transcriptions, each content directory provides preservation information in the form of: * Metadata embedded in image files * XML metadata files for each image [forthcoming] * Metadata embedded in the mapped transcription file * MD5 checksum data for all TIFF and XML files to ensure their fixity The metadata for images and transcriptions complies with the Archimedes Palimpsest project metadata standards, which are provided with this set as documentation. The metadata provides investigative, data sharing and scientific information on the images and transitions. Metadata are data elements about the content, quality, condition, and other characteristics of the data sets that make up the digital holdings. Metadata records are produced according to rules and definitions governing several subtypes: 1. Identification Information 2. Spatial Data Reference Information (images and spatial indexes, only) 3. Imaging and Spectral Data Reference Information (images only) 4. Data Type Information 5. Data Content Information 6. Metadata Reference Information

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