JP2TestCodeStreams (Size: 4Mb in 9 bitstreams Downloads: 98)
MIDAS: Insight Toolkit/Testing/Input/Images/Grayscale/2D/

Title: JP2TestCodeStreams
Authors: Luis Ibanez
Abstract: Taken from Copyright: These files were orignally developed by Algo Vision Technology GmbH, Aware Inc., Kodak Inc., and Ricoh Innovations Inc., in the course of development of ISO/IEC 15444-4. The files help test parts of implementations of a part of ISO/IEC 15444-1. Copyright holders agree not to assert against ISO/IEC and users of the JPEG 2000 Standards (Users) any of their rights under the copyright, not including other intellectual property rights, for these files with respect to the usage by ISO/IEC and Users of these files or modifications thereof for use in hardware or software products claiming conformance to or testing conformance to the JPEG 2000 Standard. The original developers of these files and ISO/IEC assume no liability for use of these files or modifications thereof. No right to these files is granted for non JPEG 2000 Standard uses. Copyright holders have full right to use these files for his/her own purpose, assign or donate these files to any third party and to inhibit third parties from using this software module for non JPEG 2000 Standard conforming products. This copyright notice must be included in all copies or derivative works of these files. Copyright (c) 2002. Associated NITF ver 2.1 files were developed by the Joint Interoperability Test Command, Defense Information System Agency in the course of developing a JPEG 2000 Test Program. These NITF files, as derived products of the J2K codestreams, must be distributed with this copyright notice.
Publication date: 2010-08-22 17:57
Modification date: 2010-08-22 17:57:47-04
Appears in collection: 2D

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